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The Importance of Roadways to the Economy

Roadways contribute to the economy of every nation in a great manner. It is an aid to the trade which facilitates many trade functions by moving goods from one place to the other. These goods can be consumer goods as well as raw materials. This is why every country gives utmost importance to their road connectivity and strives to build better and safer highways for the citizens. This not only promotes trade but ensures timely delivery of goods to the end user as well as manufacturers for manufacturing and supplying in time.

Trucking is one such profession where most of the time of a trucker is spent on the expressways accelerating. The transport sector as well as the people associated and working in it have been flourishing and doing real well. For a transporter, his biggest asset is his trucks. The more the trucks one has, the more the business can be generated. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds! Trucks are a costly affair and come with hefty price tags. What adds more to the burden is that they are high on maintenance too.

Taking Care of Your Modern High Tech Trucks

High tech trucks come with high tech features too! This makes their maintenance a costly affair. The truck needs to keep moving and cover distances everyday otherwise a stationery truck loses money in the maintenance required for its upkeeping. Solid maintenance programs are required to keep the wear and tear in check and to also ensure that repairs are done in time to ensure that no breakdowns occur during journeys.

Modern trucks are all equipped with automatic gearboxes. Automatic transmission does make the journeys smoother and hassle free for the truckers as they need not worry about gear shifts anymore but it comes at a price tag too. Automatic gearboxes are though durable but with trucks covering great distances, your gearbox needs attention too from time to time.

Things to Keep in Check

Here is a checklist of things every trucker must keep in mind as per RHA and VOSA. This will not only ensure hassle free trips but help you in saving on truck maintenance as well in the long run.

 Tyre Pressure

 Electric Wiring

 Trucks have to carry heavy loads and all the load has to be ultimately born by the tyres. The right tyre pressure ensures that tyres are unable to bear the pressure and do not burst or fail during the trip. It also ensures that the vehicle gives the best mileage which will add to your profits and save cost of fuel.  Electric wiring in your modern truck forms of basis of many of its operation. It is no more limited to merely the indicators like before. Modern day trucks have features running all on electricity ranging from turning the ignition on to opening and closing door locks. The electric wiring thus needs to be in order ad replaced whenever required to ensure that delays due to fault in them aren’t caused during the trip.

 Oil Levels

 Gear Box

 Oil levels for trucks covering long distances must be check after every couple of trips. This is to ensure that optimum level is maintained and there are no leakages. Maintaining oil levels is important to keep the parts well lubricated and avoid wear and tear.  Trucks with automatic gear boxes require maintenance from time to time. BigLPG lists many tips on the various things one must keep in check when it comes to gearbox repairs.

 The Wheels


 Wheels are the foundation of the vehicle. They take up the whole body weight as well as the load of the goods. Quality wheels must be used and they must be replaced from time to time after a thorough check.   Suspension of vehicles carrying heavy load must be checked and tuned from time to time. This will ensure that the drives are smooth; the tyres will also have a better life this way. Having your truck in the right suspension will also lessen the chances of mishaps.

As per Fleet News, always hire an authorized service centre for the maintenance of your trucks. These workshops usually have qualified technicians from your manufacturer and also offer quality oriented services. Do ask for discounts on giving bulk contracts for maintenance and repair jobs of your full fleet. This is one way you can save on maintenance and repair of your trucks. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned so don’t be cheap where maintenance is concerned.


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