How Can We Be Confident Of Safe Travel Via The Rail Network?

Rail travel is one of the oldest and most common means of travel, not just in the UK but all over the world.  As time has elapsed, most cities in developed nations have moved away from the traditional, slow trains and rail networks to more modern and fast rail transport systems. With increased speeds and more modern systems, comes the risk of rail accidents which makes service providers such as Alere Healthcare important. So how should train users be confident in the new rail systems? Is there genuine concern about safety in rail transport in the UK? Here is a brief analysis of this.

Compliance with ROGS Stipulations

The presence of the ROGS body perhaps offers some consolation to UK rail transport users. This is because all operators must comply with rules and regulations set by the body. Operators must also obtain all forms of documentation and attain all certifications that the ROGS body has deemed necessary if safety at all times is to be maintained in the rail transport sector. These safety certificates and authorization documents are required by all risk operators. Low risk rail operators do not need the certifications but even they must have the SMS or a safety management system.

The railway safety and standards board or the RSSB as it is commonly known keeps a close eye on the rail transport sector to monitor frequencies of accidents and fatalities. The presence of such a body alone makes the rail sector a safer option for rail transport users in the UK because service providers strive to reduce undesirable statistics. Recent reports by the RSSB indicate that accidents are mostly to passengers with accidents at level crossings to pedestrians taking second place. On a whole, the body has statistics, through random testing, indicate that rail transport in the UK is still the safest means of transport with accidents taking a continuing downward trend.

Take Charge - Make Informed Choices

While the government and other regulatory bodies like the RSSB and ROGS have a fundamental role to play in your safety as you use the rail transport systems, you as a citizen also have a part to play. The rail operators you decide to use must be credible. They should have a track record of very low accident incidents as this is an indicator of responsible operations and apt management. Grand Central trains have topped opinion polls as the safest and most efficient to use. They may operate fewer trains per day than most companies but they do their job satisfactorily and safely.

The First Hull trains also come highly recommended by pollsters and train users. They come second to Grand Central trains. With the internet being as accessible as it is you can get all the information you need on train companies and their performance over the years. Taking charge of your own life as you use trains in the UK is one of the few things you can do to help you and your loved ones.

Important Statistics

The ORR or the Office of Rail Regulation published a report in 2013 on the health and safety of the rail systems. From their findings the UK ranks top alongside three other European countries as having the safest rail system. They also ranked top when it comes to safety at level crossings. Other causes of accidents were extraneous and included incidences of suicide and such.

Confidence levels in the rail transport system are a factor of so many components. While all such factors play an important role in decision making, frequency of accidents is the most frequently considered because most rail transport users use this as a measure of the likelihood to be safe while aboard.

There are also several forums online that discuss rail transport safety technologies, especially in comparison to other forms of transport. Joining such forums can be an eye opening experience because you gain access to information that may be unavailable to you outside of such a discussion. Opinion polls also provide great insights when it comes to consumer confidence in any product or service.

At the end of the day accidents are just that; accidents. Therefore, it is important to have personnel who are well trained in rail medical services for emergencies. Unless one has a malicious motive like terrorism or other such drives, accidents are not deliberate actions on the part of the rail operators. Safety begins with you, the user. Do your part when it comes to due diligence and let the service provider do their part too. There is hope with the downward trend in accident occurrence cited by the office of rail regulation and other bodies.



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