Automatic Gearbox Repairs and What You Should Know

You are responsible for your car maintenance.

The automobile industry has been on the verge of technological advancement with each passing year. Cars are being equipped with better features ranging from safety to entertainment to ensure you a safe and enjoyable ride experience. Whether you buy an entry segment vehicle or a top notch SUV, you will see it loaded with tons of features and a long list of specifications will go along.

What comes along with any engineered automobile is the responsibility of the owner to deal with maintenance and even break downs as your car ages. With loads of features, the probability of issues increases as it gets a little more complex. Automatic cars have been in trend for the last decade. They surely offer a great ride experience where one doesn’t have to worry about shifting gears every now and then during in city rides. An automatic man would love to ride a geared vehicle ever once he is comfortable with the auto gear shifting experience.

According to the leading US daily, The Telegraph, the demand for automatic cars has grown by 200% in the last 3 years. With more and more car owners shifting to automatic geared vehicles, the no. of service providers for automatic vehicles has also increased significantly.

Maintenance of an automatic car

Your car manufacturers are often going to mention that the auto gear boxes are filled for life. But that is not usually the case as they do require maintenance from time to time to ensure smooth and hassle free running. Just like a manual gear box, an automatic one can too break down leaving you in distress in the middle of your journey. But not to worry, a little care and scheduled maintenance from time to time will ensure that you don’t end up in such a situation.

Here are things you must keep on your check list:

•    Regular scheduled maintenance

Every vehicle has a fixed maintenance schedule and so is with the automatic ones too. Although, their maintenance schedule involves servicing of the gear box too where the oil is flushed and replaced with fresh one. Servicing is recommended to be carried out once every 12 months or after every 20,000 km whichever comes earlier.

•    Maintenance as per terrain

The tenure for the maintenance job to be carried out on your vehicle highly depends on the type of terrain you cover with it. If you have been in to towing other vehicles or getting up steeps then lower gear must be used. In such a scenario, the vehicle heats up and the gearbox oil gets used up quicker. Maintenance for such vehicles must be carried out in shorter intervals.

•    Keep it cool

Keeping your car cool ensures that the oil gearbox oil doesn’t get used up quickly. There are many ways to do so. The first is to ensure that you are never low on the coolant which will keep the engine and the gearbox cool. The second is to avoid driving in lower gears and use the cruise mode wherever possible.

•    Gear selection matters

Whether you are riding in city or cruising on the highway, the selection of right gear will ensure that your car runs with minimal wear of the gearbox. This will not just extend the life of the gearbox but will also ensure that your maintenance job falls within your budget.

Who can fix your car?

Have you ever thought about Who can fix my car? Well, you can be sure that About Autos can definitely fix the problem or cause of any damage to your vehicle.

The same applies for Automatic Man. Going to the right maintenance station or repair person is the key to getting quality parts and accessories. There are different and specialized workshops that deal in carrying out repair jobs on automatic car. They have the right knowledge and experience to get the work done. Apart from this, there are authorized service centers that are authorized and certified from your car manufacturer. It is recommended to visit them even if they are a little higher on the monetary side as their job carried out is quality work and ensures permanent solutions to most problems.

Owning a car was never such fun! Technology has surely changed the way we ride. We are a little less worried today while speeding on the road because there is someone backing up all that while. It is indeed the technology that we have started relying on for our safety and hassle free journeys. Make the right choices today! Get all repairs done on your car so you can indeed have a safe and hassle free journey.


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