All You Need To Know About Hermes Courier Service

If you are looking for an international courier that has a commitment to fast, reliable and efficient services, you might want to start your search with Hermes. This is a courier that is dedicated to making deliveries absolutely hassle-free for you by offering a range of parcel pickups, deliveries and tracking services for every parcel regardless of size. This keeps you free to handle your other commitments yet aware of the exactly location of the parcel. 

Hermes Courier Services

This UK based company offers a range of services that are perfectly suited for a variety of clients depending on their needs. Here is a quick look at the services offered.

International Courier Delivery

With Hermes, you get easy, fast and efficient delivery and return of parcels in 20 countries. The courier’s integrated process gives all clients access to the local couriers of 20 countries for door-to-door deliveries of international parcels. 

The Parcelshop

This is a service that gives clients flexible options for returning and receiving parcels. The service is a network of more than 5,000 Parcelshops nationwide which are open and accessible at any time of day, 7 days a week.

Parcel Returns Services

Let’s face it, at some point you may get a parcel of a product that doesn’t please you, especially if you purchased it online. This service is especially helpful when an ecommerce site delivers the wrong item. If you need to make any returns, simply visit the Hermes website and click on the service. It is also possible to return multiple items at once to different locations. You can even choose to track the package until it gets to the supplier.

The Standard and Next Day Parcel Delivery Services

This is a service that delivers fully tracked parcels that takes up to 2 days. The Next Day delivery services seek to serve clients with urgent parcels. This is pretty useful for those urgent messages and documents. You can also pick a date to have a package delivered, e.g. on an anniversary or birthday. 

Customer Support Services

Hermes’ commitment to customer service is proven in a variety of support services. 

    Proof of delivery is one such service that allows the client peace of mind and reassurance of a job well done. This is especially important for sensitive deliveries that require receipt confirmation or a handover guarantee
    SMS (short message service) platform that keep you as the client updated on the progress of the delivery. You as the client decide when the message will be sent to the recipient of the parcel. Additionally, you have the option of personalizing the message to be sent when the parcel gets to the myHermes parcel tracking points.
    Door to door delivery and collection services are available for all clients. Hermes works with more than 9,500 local couriers that offer fast, efficient and affordable delivery and pickup services. This is very convenient and cost effective, especially when delivering multiple bulky parcels to different locations. You can see Hermes reviews for more information.

The Basic Parcel Sending Process with Hermes

If you want to send a parcel, especially one that requires collection, here is the basic procedure. This service applies to already packaged parcels

Give the details of the parcel (such as size or weight) and get a quote for the shipping
Register your parcel during the check out process
Make sure you fill the order form before 10pm for next day collection
Once the duly filled order form is received, you’ll get a receipt, print it and affix it on the parcel
The parcel will be collected on the selected day between 8am & 8pm and delivered within 3 working days

Hermes Courier Fees

The amount you pay for the delivery of each parcel is dependent on the weight, location of delivery and additional services such as collection. Parcels sent through Parcelshops attract cheaper charges compared to parcels that require door to door collection and delivery. Here is a comprehensive guide to Hermes Courier charges.

How to Get In Touch With Hermes

One of the best things about Hermes is that you have access to the customer support personnel anytime you need them. You can get in touch with them through email, SMS or calling them in case you need a concern addressed. You can also apply for a job here to be part and parcel of an excellent team!

If you have any queries, here are the Hermes contact details. You can visit them at Capitol House, 1 Capitol Close in UK. You can also visit their website for more information or if you need to make enquiries that are not covered on the site’s FAQ. Keep in mind that no matter the number of parcels, weight, or destination, we got you covered. 


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